Sexiest Russian Women

One of the most popular men magazines in Russia — «Maxim», traditionally annual ranking of the country sexiest girls. The main criterion for evaluation of Russian beauties was readers voting. The winner of the 2011 at this time was the blonde Maria Kozhevnikova, an acquaintance of the male audience on the television series «University»

10. Singer Maksim, 28 years old

9. Anna Sedokova, singer, ex-singer of the group «VIAGra».

8. Daria Sagalova, actress, star of «Happy Together»

7. Christine Asmus, actress, star of TV series «Interns»

6. Nyusha, singer

5. Zoe Berber, actress, star of «Real boys» television series.

4. Alina Artc, the former lead singer of «Sirius», a leading of «Europa Plus TV»

3. Victoria Bonia, the star of the reality show «Dom-2?

2. Vera Brezhnev, the singer, ex-singer of the group „VIAGra“

1. Maria Kozhevnikov, actress, star of televison series „Univer“.


All very beautiful women, but from this list I would have chosen Anna Sedokova

thanks) good choice.
i like Zoe Berber, Christine Asmus and Maria is also hot(google for more of her pics)

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Voted! (Thought I did… my bad)
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